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Melbourne's welcome home to me was the coldest day in May history, so cosy-ing up with warm tea's and inspirational editorials is my preservation against the winter blues:

This post is to pay homage to my favourite fashion season - Fall, or Autumn to us Down Undaa
This is the most inspirational, textual and contemporary representation of fall and its interpretation of fall fashion and modern photography that I have come across in the last few years. There is something so ethereal about each photograph, yet it is anchored into modern reality by a spiked platforms and studded cuffs. I love that the last photograph evokes and reflects Fragonard's famous "The Swing" 

Editorial: ‘In Maglia è Meglio’
Magazine: Velvet, September 2008
Photography: James Macari
Style: Sabrina Vanotti

Fragonards's The Swing 1766
Images via


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