A few clowns short of a circus

Mish's seductive 30th Birthday bash last night was a wicked treat of ring leaders, monkey trainers and mimes. Getting our outfits together was last minute and surprisingly alot simpler than expected - Saci and I both wore pieces from my sample closet, nothing made especially for the occasion, which startles me into thinking I have somehow channelled Britney spear's 'circus' into my wardrobe, but without the hair extensions. We twirled in and out like a couple of Ballerina's with bunyuns, but it was well worth the effort on the freezing Melbourne night.
I confess I have not danced, or even stayed out this late in almost a year, so getting down with the clowns was a cream pie (I whipped up a batch an hour before)
Happy Birthday Mishi - I hope u had as much fun as we all did 


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