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under the lemon tree

Lifes been dealing alot of lemons lately, and its too cold for lemonade. Hot lemon & honey tea and the company of good friends has helped weather the storm. There are always ups to all the downs, after all, couldnt have one without the other. On that note   the one i prefer ♪ I am so looking forward to sharing my next collection, I've worked hard on all the pieces and happy how it's coming together. I would love to share via an amazing lookbook shoot, but the lemons haven't fallen right (excuse the pun, an attempt to avoid talking about the "down's") Never the less, over the next month and into Spring, you'll get a chance to see, hopefully fall in love, and own your own piece of the collection.
This is another look for the 4-part mini shoot featuring the "Illustrated Tshirt" SS12 collection. I paired the tee with the pencil "Banksia Print" Skirt, Dhalia Wooden wedge, silver lace collar necklace and very vintage clutch purse from the 1960's
Angophora bakeri or what I call the Banksia flower is a gorgeous Native Australian flora that features through my SS12 collection
If you like any of these two pieces, you can order here using paypal buttons below


Illustrated T Shirt

100% Pure Cotton which is woven in a super soft jersey with slight stretch.
It's available in size SMALL to XL
Price is $60 AUD 
Free Postage Australia wide
($12 International Shipping) 
Delivery is Approx 7 days
Easy Checkout here:



Banksia Print Pin Skirt

Centre front zipper 100% Pure cotton
$125 AUD



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If you would like to pay direct debit
Please email request to me

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