Spice up your life

The highlight of my month/year/decade: The Spice Girl's reuniting for the London2012 Closing Ceremony. Happiness.
I may have lost some of you with my opening line, but for those that also share the obsession of my youth, The Spice Girls played a pivotal role in my development of identity all the way through to my current career. 
I grew up without television or internet and so relied heavily on my cd player, magazines and Thursday nights at my best friend Hilary's house, where I got to indulge in pop culture. The first time I saw the video clip for Wannabe in July 2006, I was 11. I don't think im exaggerating when i say that it sparked a revolution inside me.  Floor to ceiling posters and pictures of each flavour of spice (Baby was, and is, my favourite!) decorated my room. Union Jack, Peace signs and Girl Power were my anthem. All this was to the horror of my mother, who had chosen to raise her 9 children in an alternative environment, free from the mass consumerism and pop of the spiralling main stream!
I didnt have money to buy Spice Girl's merchandise, so I made my own. All of my barbies got make overs, and every picture or word related to the group was clipped out of magazines and newspapers and collaged. I think I even asked my mum to buy me a playboy magazine that had a nude feature on Geri Halliwell! But the only spice girl I saw stripped was Mel B in Las Vegas 2009 when she was in The Peepshow at Planet Hollywood!
I admit the reunion for the Olympics brought a tear to my eye. And if blogs existed back in 1996, mine would show the full extent of my not-so-youthful obsession... 
no more about Spice Girls from me here
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