On the weekend we decided to play tourist and head out of Florence into the surrounding Tuscan countryside. The weather was predicted to be cold and rain, but it turned out to be a warm spring day with only rain clouds passing by in the far horizon. We headed first to San Gimignano with its 14 medieval towers striking amongst the grapevine littered landscape. The city is small and only mopeds and bikes are allowed inside the walls. There are these naked statues at random spots through the streets - even one perched on the highest tower - their purpose puzzles me...
For lunch we found this dark trattoria full of incredible art. We were invited to sit on the roof terrace, and although I wanted to sit in the romantic lit rooms to take in the art, nothing compared to the view from the rooftop - all of Toscana stretched out as far as the eye can see. We ate tagliatelle with local mushrooms and drank the wine famous in the region.
The day was still young so we headed further south the the beautiful Siena for coffee and gelato. We took over 500 photos, so hopefully this long post won't bore
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