Today is Monday

Undoubtedly we live in the best country in the world, but does it have to be so far from everything?! Its a minimum 9 hour plane trip to get anywhere off our big island, and having just returned from my 5th Europe visit in a little over 1 and half years, the 30+ hour journey, and its subsequent jetlag, is not getting any easier.
My last day in Florence was heaven - the weather was a tolerable boiling, and the day unwrapped itself smoothly. We found a yarn store where I picked up some Italian wool for samples of my next Spring/Summer collection.
An evening flight took me to Zurich, than on to Thailand where I spent 9 hours shopping and of course a massage. By the time I landed in Melbourne I had gone 44hours without sleep - that was Saturday - today is Monday:
Its going to be a very exciting month
Wearing Bonds Singlet / Stradivarius Jeans / H&M neon wrist bling / River Island Neon Satchel 

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