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April showers bring May flowers? 
The rainy days have arrived in Florence and I'm hearing these little sayings that make me feel so foreign. April means rain for sure in Australia, but flowers in May? no, April showers bring May evacuations, humidity and maybe new gumboots...
The air was more crisp and fresh today after the rain - this was the weather I remember from last year and packed adequately for this year
Wearing a Zara knit / ASOS snood / NEUW jeans / H&M sunglasses... the cigarette I'm holding for Julian while he snapped this shot in front of the Merry-go-round in Piazza Della Repubblica 
 Areta is a good friend that was with me, and contributed, to my very first street style blog more than a year and half ago. We could never have guessed that a year and half later, she would be a new mother and I would be producing seasonal collections for my label
Have been instagramming like its a business: Instagram: @RadaPriya


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