Miss Tangerine

Everyday I'm inspired by the beautiful blogs and their even more beautiful authors. To say that they make my job easier as a fashion designer is an understatement. Watching and predicting trends in the real world is as simple as a click. These girls have their finger on the pulse of fashion, creating, and swelling existing trends, which they each put their own individual stamp on. And that's what makes it so exciting for me ~ I am often reassured on the broad scale that I can be creative as I desire and still have an audience.
 I try to be as active as I can, especially with the blogs I read. So when the lovely Mariana of Miss Tangerine blog showed interest in my collection, I had to send her a piece. And I could not be more delighted with her most recent post. This Portuguese beauty rocks my Spring/Summer '11 Ariella skirt in the middle of her winter with so much finesse and sophistication...
See more on Mariana's blog: Miss Tangerine / Buy the Ariella Skirt on here


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