DIY Mini RadaPriya Pinafore Dress

This little Paisley Pinafore dress could not be more simple to make. You can order one from me (email request to radacampbell@gmail.com) or you can make one for your little lady yourself!
Its a simple as choosing a cotton fabric with a great print - recycle/up-cycle something old - go for a wander through your local op-shop. You'll get enough fabric out of any ladies blouse or dress for this little pinafore. Ive used a paisley print from my fabric supplier (as it runs through my collection)
If you can sew in a straight line, this ones for you
You will need: 
1meter Cotton Print fabric
2 X colourful buttons
2 X snaps, velcro, or buttons for pinafore straps
Enough Elastic to go around your little ladies waist + 2cm for seam
Contrast or complimenting cotton
Newspaper, or any paper you can roughly measure out a pattern on

Fold your fabric in half, if there are too many creases, make sure it is ironed
Roughly draw out your pattern pieces. The measurements I have provided are for a size 1 Pinafore. Add 2cm onto every measurement for every size you want to increase.
Lay your pattern pieces onto your folded fabric. For the skirt, make sure one edge lines up with your fabric fold. Lay the 2 other pattern pieces to fit onto your fabric. You may have different edges in your fabric if you are up-cycling - this makes the design much more interesting
First make your skirt. Straight stitch edge of fabric, rights sides together. At the top Make a roll hem the size to hold your elastic. 
Leave a gap in your stitching to feed elastic into the casing you have just created. Once elastic encased, secure/stitch elastic ends together. Pull elastic loop into ints skirt casing and finish by straight stitching roll hem.
To create top part of the pinafore, Simply straight stitch  a roll hem around each strap piece. Sandwich top pieces, right sides together, and straight stitch around the curved edge only. Leave Flat straight edge raw so you can turn the top inside out. Place top onto skirt and straight stitch down, stretching elastic as you sew, to leave a clean seam.
Secure straps at centre back, approx 2 cm apart.
Attached snaps to strap ends and top using a contrast cotton. Add final button finish to top front. Sew a fine roll hem finish around skirt


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