Labour of Love

In 12 months I have created 3 of my favourite wedding dresses. Unsurprising, as I believe its a natural process to continually grow and improve in your work, in your art. But it was particularly special creating my own wedding dress in April and than my twin sister's earlier this month (you might also remember the beautiful dress I created for Christine last November - featured here) Each unique in design and how I approached them, but all a product of a labour of love. Beading featured strongly in each, and while it is particularly tedious and time consuming, I enjoyed every moment, right down to those late nights before the Big day. Beading is my art, and to this day Ive never "completed" a beaded work - always feeling I could use another 6 months on each. But thats the beauty of it. Like paint to an artist, it can be layered and changed by adding more.

Im always weary taking on such momentous design as a wedding dress, especially with a energetic and assertive toddler at my toe. Saci stayed close during the whole process, entertaining Sahana when she could, and lending her hand to bead while I bathed, or napped her. And at the end of each brimming day with my little love, I sat down tired and let each bead bring me back to life. Its a rare thing to not tire of my own art, but to watch it continually bring me energy and inspiration. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful piece I've ever created, and I owe it to the trust and creative freedom my sister gave me. Of course it helps that she has impeccable taste, and her inspiration  boards were breathtaking


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