Sahana Turns 1

There's no other feeling in the world quite like the feeling I had waking up on the morning of my daughter's 1st birthday. I didn't realise the gravity of this milestone until it was here. And for the first time in a year, I really stopped to reflect. I'd made it! with (most of) my sanity intact, and a wonderful little creature that had suddenly become her own little person. She is no longer an extension of me, like a limb, but a bubbling, smart, determined and curious little girl. Her little fingers ran over every detail when opening her presents, from the paper and sticky tape, to the shapes and colours of every new object. She has a seriousness to her that makes me laugh, and in turn of hearing my laugh she lets out a squeal of delight, or a fake giggle, either, but never without an reaction.

In the weeks leading up to her birthday I managed an amount of countless DIY projects. From feather headbands and crowns, to painted rocks and a mini lace teepee. I even managed a full size toddler teepee, a special birthday outfit, which than turned into a full blown collection that I now sell on Etsy! But here's the thing - My daughter has a special skill of understanding when I have something important to do, from paying bills, making calls (of any kind), packing and posting of orders, eating my lunch, getting enough sleep, getting Any sleep, to changing nappies etc and she becomes inpatient, clingy, and a general cranky pants. But if the task is tedious, a time filler, or perhaps I'm just sitting and watching her, she couldn't be more independent and uninterested in me - thus I have all this time to make things like little food banners, and paint feathers - I mean, c'mon! really.
Both of Sahana's Birthday outfits are avaibale on Etsy (here) Feather headbands listed soon


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