Jeans are already hard enough for me, let alone adding an ever expanding baby bump to the equation. For 6 months Ive been able to get away with body con dresses (when I'm not in oversized nighties or mother Hubbard dresses), but this cooler weather + the energy I've got back now that I'm in my third trimester, means legs free for striding. I searched for maternity jeans online and stores I could find down the Peninsula way, but all were more shabby than chic = DIY
These are a pair of my old favourites that I whipped up. Converting them was a simple as overlocking the top of the pockets out (incl waistband) and stitching in some good quality elastic banding. et te voilĂ !
[in the background is some samples of the completed/yet to be photographed AW13 collection....sssh]


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