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Jeans are already hard enough for me, let alone adding an ever expanding baby bump to the equation. For 6 months Ive been able to get away with body con dresses (when I'm not in oversized nighties or mother Hubbard dresses), but this cooler weather + the energy I've got back now that I'm in my third trimester, means legs free for striding. I searched for maternity jeans online and stores I could find down the Peninsula way, but all were more shabby than chic = DIY
These are a pair of my old favourites that I whipped up. Converting them was a simple as overlocking the top of the pockets out (incl waistband) and stitching in some good quality elastic banding. et te voilà!
[in the background is some samples of the completed/yet to be photographed AW13 collection....sssh]

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My girls at Splendour in the Grass. The Mini Splendour area was crazy fun. GLOTATTS sponsored the event so that all the little celebrity kidless got their sparkle with tattoos and glitter. Overall what a perfect last day to a hugely successful festival!


The 18th annual Splendour in the Grass Music and Arts Festival kicked off during the coldest week of winter. But that didn't stop the fever of fun and fashion expression for festival revellers. This year was the first year we were not officially working on site for GLOTATTS (we worked tirelessly leading up at pre festival parties and events) We continued sponsorship with little glitter & tattoo stations set up throughout - most notably at Little Splendour - a festival within the festival specifically for our young ones - which my girls enjoyed tremendously! DAY I looks were provided by the wonderful HER PONY THE LABEL team. Day II outfits were from the new Spell & the Gypsy Collective range. By Day III we were footloose and fancy free, opting to highlight our GLOTATTS sparkles with threads of our own choosing. I wore a gorgeous burnt ochre linen dress by Brazilian Flirting