cloudy with a chance of rain

I wish it would hurry up and snow already. 

Facebook earned points connecting up school friends with us along their Great European Tour. Glad to play host and have some good old Aussie company, Jarrah and his sister Cobberty, reminded me of the down to earth nature of the people I grew up. I miss home now. 
Their last day in Florence, Julian and I took them up to Michelangelo's square, and despite the previous days downpour dyeing the river muddy brown, and the dull nebulous sky hanging low, the city sight was as spectacular as ever. It easy to see why so many people love this place.
ASOS delivered my latest purchase early this morning - the super trendy wedge trainer in black, not nearly the Isabel Marant iconic kick, but just as comfy. Black jeans, easy tee (from my current SS12 collection) and necessary puffer jacket from H&M, I'm on track to blending in with the locals.

moi, Cobberty, Jarrah & Julian


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