a bloomin sendoff

I like to think I'm a true blue Aussie. I cook my tofu steaks on the barbi, hang my washing on a hills hoist, and prefer flip fops, or no shoes at all. The thing is, I'm hardly ever here, and even Aussie's ask me where the bloody hell i'm from.... maaate! I grew up in the hills of Byron Bay
So today is another last day in Australia, I'm on the evening flight to Rome, where i'll spend the Autumn and Winter. 
Spring has been kind these last few days - we shot me in a couple of my SS12 garments while we were waiting for our model to arrive. I dont actually have a hills hoist at my apartment in Richmond, so we relocated to my best friends home, which happens to be the classic, unchanged, Aussie haven
I'm wearing SS12 Lilac Floral print shell top / SS12 Lilac print skirt / ASOS sling backs
SS12 is made-to-order here


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