No dawn, no day

Stuck in hours of darkness and suffering from "analysis paralysis". Did you know that the best way to stifle creativity is to try to be creative?
Exhausted this week by the lead up and finally the success of St Kilda Festival last Sunday, I wanted stay in my PJ's and watch live streaming of the New York Fashion week shows. Unfortunately being your own boss means always being on call, and always being responsible. I had to keep on, keeping on.
I did find some time for a late night hair cut, and snapped these pics right after. I'm wearing the jacket and skirt from my upcoming collection... speaking of, we have some fun little shoots planned for the coming weeks. And speaking of little shoots - I finally got an iphone (thank you twinnie) and now have instagram - which I love! feel free to follow: RadaPriya
Jacket and Skirt from my upcoming A/W collection / Zara Knit / Wittner platforms 


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