I moved to Florence for love. I traded my high paced job, lifestyle, friends and family, not for cobbled streets, quaint boutiques, Renaissance architecture, Florentine artists, pesto pasta, dolce latte gelati, Michelangelo's David, discotheques, heavy accents, Gucci or even Salvatore Ferragamo, although I think these things will contribute to my longevity and pleasure in the whole up heval -  I didn't even move here for an epic-true-love-happily-ever-after-once-in-a-life-time-love-story - though with any luck this might be the culmination of events. 
I moved here just because...
The epic adventure that should have been documented in these pages could have been the original romantic tale of my escape to Paris, but I met a boy on the way. I would love to write that it was instant. That our eyes met and we fell into each others arms - me, that had been longing to love but so hurt and cynical of the idea from my battered past, and he, having never truly loved before, yet knew what it tasted like and yearned for it - we had found each other finally through all obstacles and there was nothing left to do but live happily ever after.
No, I moved here because I knew I could love him, even though the feeling hadn't quite found me. Im an eternal optimistic and turning my back on this was not even an option for me. I have started over more times than any 24 year should have had to, but its only made my more wrecklessly happy, so making the change and deciding on the transition was as equal as starting a new chapter in the latest best seller. And like any great read, it is full of unexpected twists and turns behind every page.
Julian was a cute, confident and very charismatic bar tender. He'd look great in keeping up appearances on my facebook-holiday-fling-profile-updates.
We had fun hanging at his bar and seeing the city sights. The week came to an end and it was time to move on to the next page, next city, country, venture. 
Cinque Terre on the Northern Italian Coast was incredible. Of all the countries I have visited in my life and all the movies, documentaries etc, had not prepared me for such a unique landscape. I had nothing in my picture bank to compare it to, so it flawed me. Cinque Terre translates to 5 villages - and it is just that - 5 unique little towns that cling to the alcoves of the cliffs that plung into the Mediterranean. The towns are connected by trains that tunnel through the steep mountains, popping out at each station. You can also take a boat or hike through the mountain trails.
The girls met a local Italian lawyer who invited us to stay at his villa in the next village. In exchange for board we cooked for his Italian guests, who sung our praises all evening. You know your good when Italians love your Italian cooking!
2 days later I found myself at the train station saying goodbye to Dani and Elisha as they headed off for the south of France. Within the hour Julian had arrived and we were having our first dinner date at sunset by the beach. I had missed him in his absense and he had whole heartedly agreed to  make the long trip to see me. We returned to Florence together 4 days later. I moved into his home which he shares with his 2 gorgeous brothers and 2 cousins. I have 5 brothers so it wasnt so difficult living with only boys. Time stopped. Days passed easily, drinking lattes in the morning, spending our days in cafes, sightseeing, shopping, cooking at home, and nights at the bar. It was impossible not to fall in love...

Salvator Ferragamo flagship store in Florence
Emilio Pucci - Born and bred Florentine Designer
Taken on my camera phone - hard to take bad photo of Florence
Night I met Julian

Michelangelo's David
Cinque Terre, Italy
Saying goodbye to Elisha & Dani, Cinque Terre


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